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This is the second times i photograph a wedding for my family, the first time was my second brother, Kenneth& Judy’s wedding back in 2010, i started to felt in love with wedding photography since then. For this series i photograph for my sister is last year 2011, July 24.  I toke quite a long period to upload and show to public. The reason is i wanted to try to makeit good enough only show to public and second i don’t really have much times present it. It’s also my very first Singapore wedding job back in 2011 which is new experiences, the ideas of traditional wedding is there but in different country.

Photograph in Singapore is a totally have different experiences, as in singapore you really needed follow the Law like no speeding, no park aside your car at the side of the roads in malaysia styles.

Jeff + Karen – ROM Portrait Shoot

During Jeff + Karen’s ROM we actually arrive at Putrajaya to have some portrait shot before their ROM start, they are really wonderful couple, during the photoshoot they are totally act natural in photo shoot never feel scare or shy 😀   the whole shooting session quickly ended in a hour. Then we headed to their ROM Session, you may click here for their ROM Photos.

Karen + Jeff – Solemnization Day

On 2011 December is my cousin Karen’s ROM, also one of our special collection in ALPPT’s Blog (AL Photography Production team).

When first Karen inform me about the news that she is going to have ROM at Putrajaya,  she engaged my service without hesitation of hiring other photographers, that  really given me a big confidence and more passion to photograph her special day, and also she love my works and given me the opportunity to use my creative perspective to photograph her special day~

Before her ROM started i’ve actually photograph some of her portrait shot outside of Putrajaya, the reason is not up yet is because i wanted make sure the retouching is fine and perfect enough before upload to blog and our facebook fanpage. But anyway, stay tune for more of Karen’s portrait shot~ here is Karen & Jeff ROM Shot.(more…)

Walter + Melody – Solemnization Day at ONE°15 Marina Club

Melody and Walter are our first Singaporean couple. We are excited and honored to shot their blissful union at the beautiful ONE°15 Marina Club. They are such fun and lovely couple to work with and despite their busy schedule, they offer to bring our head photographer Alan to scout around the wedding venue. Most importantly, they trust our team wholeheartedly to give us the freedom to present our creativity in their actual day shooting.

Lone sheep in New Zealand

While i’m shooting pre-wedding new zealand we came across with this sheep that keep staring at us…. is like they never know what is going on… she/he stare like 3 minute then it went back to eating it’s grass.. funny and cute to see how the sheep really act in real life.. this is the first time i see this type of sheep in New Zealand.

AL Photography Production Team, new Zealand

Sheep in new zealand who stare at us for long times