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One of the concepts in Post Processing is that we try to preserve the story telling element, not to any style we want. Here, we let the picture tells the story. Following is the examples of before and after.






As you can see, our post processing technic will enhance the mood and highlight the story behind the photo. Photographer take picture with angles, editor enhance the visual impact. Together, we create pictures with depth.

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This photo were captured during my recent wedding assignment in Singapore, you could hardly believe that this is actually Singapore. According to my client that the building is designed by the celebrated architect Daniel Libeskind. It is one of his signature design that reminiscent of his innitial design (unbuilt) for the World Trade Centre Master Plan Competition in New York City.  Feel free comment and share with your family and friends. 😀

Alan Leong

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We love to travel, and travel we love to go everywhere, especially oversea or other country, However which ever country we go there is always a first time.. Singapore is our first stop that i would like to say.

this is a harbor that is close to Harbour Front station where you can reach it in  minimal walking distance. I was surprise by this location, it was design by western peoples  the first time i step into this place it make me remind of Australia~! is a lovely place for everyone who like sea sailing 😀


Singapore Harbor, originally design by Western architecture designer


Photo were captured during my Singapore Wedding Assignment, the design of this architect are absolutely Oversea feel, According to my clients they say the architect from australia, so this explain why here look so western feel.

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