Hot Air Balloon Festival Putrajaya 2013

It’s been a while since my outdoor photo shooting, my very first time visiting the Hot Air Balloon is back in 2010  after a year when i started my wedding business. It’s a nice experience shooting street photography, as I have been busying working on my wedding assignment for a very long time and I’m are happy that we doing something what it really got me into photography as hobby in the first place.

Unlike wedding assignment that I encounter with, I will  not just facing more than just 1 but 50 photographers on that day… as everyone standing in your way and everyone are trying to get their best shot on that day and posting on facebook. But personally to me sharing is all the matters as I wanted to sharing with all the viewer the life i’ve been and works that I do and the interest I like 😀 , this blog not just a business connection with client of my portfolio about wedding photography, it also showing my passion… here is all the photos i toke that day, not many but worth sharing 😀 have fun viewing.