Justin & Cindy – KL Tower Solemnization’s Day

This is the very first time that i actually get to photograph the solemnization venue at KL Tower…. so far it’s hard to book your wedding or solemnization at KL Tower, as they only allow 4 or less events going on in KL Tower, we are very blessed to get to shoot at Kuala Lumput, KL Tower there…

Justin and Cindy both are really friendly person when our first meeting they greet me like a long lost friends, at first they haven’t decide the location of where they held their solemnization venue at as they have absolutely no ideas either. But one month before their weddings.. when in the emails they mention of KL Tower, i was surprise by the venue, it’s one of the best and beautiful venue where you stand at one of the tallest building in KL 😀

The First time i went is actually nervous, i never been to KL Tower for such a long time since i was a kid. Beside nervous i also happy like a kid…. Here is solemnization of Justin and Cindy 😀