David & Rhema

Booking Alan was one of the best decisions I made for the wedding. He is very professional, friendly, kind, and amazing at photography!
Many of my guests complimented the pre wedding photographs and even asked if they were taken overseas, as the pictures were that good.
He made us feel super comfortable during all the photography sessions, guided us so well for each photo, made the whole experience enjoyable for us.
I would one hundred percent recommend him to everyone, and I can’t wait to book him again for another occasion.

Brendon & Nadia

Alan was incredibly professional and went above and beyond to take beautiful photos of our wedding day. We had a lot of do’s and don’ts,
and he accommodated all of them, with a smile! He delivered all our lovely pictures on time and we absolutely love them. Thanks, Alan!

Ashvinyy & Nicholas

Alan captured our ROM perfectly- both candids and the portraits were amazing. He is has an amazing eye for detail, very accommodating
and professional. It was a pleasure working with him

Kah Ming & Meiyan

Excellent work quality, on time delivery, professional advice, friendly and a photographer which will take your event as part of his own.

Me and Meiyan would like to give a 5 stars for Alan for helping us throughout the whole wedding event and capturing all the marvellous photos, beyond words can describe.

Edvin & Gean

Engaged Alan for family & baby portrait. Alan is a great photographer, very patient with our baby, and has good customer service!
Would recommend to anyone looking for photography service 👍🏻

Clement & Nikki

For such an important day of our lives, we are glad Alan was part of it by being our actual wedding day photographer. His good eyes
was able to catch those precious moments that are once in a lifetime. Not only his skills are good ,he is also very accommodating which
makes the arrangement ever more pleasant.

Ming Jye & Ng

Alan is such a wonderful photographer. He is able to capture the emotions and expressions beautifully! he bring out the best in the photos and freeze
the moment with his camera for us to treasure a lifetime!

He spots locations with his expert eyes and turned simple looking location into artistic photoshooting spot. He is able to bring
out the best in his subjects/ people through his lense.

He is patience and accommodating and carries with him great professionalism. I would strongly recommend Alan to anyone who would like to
capture their everlasting memories to be treasured for years to come.

Thanks Alan for the lovely photos.

Jason & Jossi

Jason and I would just like to thank you so much for our wedding photos! they are absolutely beautiful and we are so happy with them…
Your creative and professional work, has now become our everlasting memories of our very special day!
We thank you so much for our beautiful photos and will definitely be sure to recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a photographer ❤️

Tuck Lam & Cynthia

12 out of 10 stars. Alan did a shoot for my fiance (now wife) and I in Langkawi. He was very accomodating with our
busy schedule and easy to work with.

Alan made us feel very comfortable, and had an excellent eye in finding beautiful shots which seemed mundane to our untrained eyes.
He quickly identified many locations within seconds of walking around a new area.
The photos he produced were gorgeous, and we had a blast during the entire session!

To top it all off, he worked his butt off and somehow completed an entire slideshow for us within hours, just in time for the wedding.
|The end result did not feel rushed at all, and was very well received by our guests (and we loved it too of course!).

I highly recommend Alan to anyone considering a wedding shoot

Wai Kit & Sook Wan

Extremely happy with the wedding pictures taken by Alan. He manage kids, elderly and even pets very well, very patient guy.
And talented of course!!

Matthew & Yee You

Yee You and I would like to thank Alan and team for being our photographers on our wedding day. Huge props to his ability of capturing the special and memorable moments as evident from the amount of compliments we are receiving from our wedding photos!

Overall we would like to say we had an enjoyable experience with him due to his calmness, friendliness, and professionalism throughout the day despite the long hours. We will definitely recommend Alan and look forward to any future opportunities!

Brian & Honey

We hired Alan to shoot our baby’s first birthday bash in May. Not only is he talented and managed to capture all the candid moments perfectly, he is also patient and kind. He even took some extra family portraits for us. Thanks, Alan, for going above and beyond in your service! We will definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer

Michael & Celia

Alan was our wedding photographer a few years ago. We found him extremely hardworking, responsive and very professional
in our dealing with him (especially we were organising our wedding overseas). We loved the final product – thanks Alan!

Ching Chuan & Vivian

Highly recommended !!! Good experienced for shooting every precious moment on Actual Day. Responsible & friendly team provide satisfied & expected outcome.

Sai Sharvina Shri

Our convocation photoshoot was better than we could imagine. Although we were a bunch of grads laughing our heads off,
you managed to capture our important moments perfectly.
We enjoyed working with you. Looking forward to work with you again in the future.

Yok Hian & Tze Khee

When we were preparing for our wedding, we did a google image search for Malaysian wedding photos and shortlisted 10. Of these, 4 were from Alan. Suffice to say, having Alan as our wedding photographer is one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding.

He is more than just professional, but went the extra mile to deliver the best photography to his client – based on our interactions.
To us, wedding photography is a means to document all the quality moments during our wedding day.
He has done that and more by capturing all the candid and tender moments of our wedding.

He is a truly a skilled and gifted professional with an eye for detail. The results speaks for themselves.
Last, I’m please to say that over the course of our wedding, he has become a friend.
We strongly recommend Alan for your wedding photography needs.

Chandra & Sharene

We couldn’t ask for a much more better photographer than Alan. He’s attentive, accommodating and patient throughout our discussions, exchange of messages via WhatsApp and he understands our preferences for a good picture.

During our event, he made the atmosphere much more livelier with his jokes and laughter. My family immediately clicked with him and I’m so happy to say our photos turned out great!

Everyone including my in-laws love the photos as it was captured beautifully. Thank you so much Alan and we look forward to our major event come Aug! C & S

Steve & Jessi

Steve and I would like to say a huge thank you for photographing and producing such beautiful photos for our pre-wedding,
ROM, and wedding day.

When I began my wedding plans two years ago, I knew without any doubt that I wanted to have you as our photographer to capture
those once in a lifetime moments.

I’m the person who has high expectation (always given people headache😂) but you did a great work and didn’t disappointed me.
You’re such a patient & calm person to work with and extremely flexible and accommodating (always trying your best)
We both felt that the service we received was absolute professional.

We truly love all those photos (pre-wedding & ROM) and thank you for the amazing job you did for us.
We can’t wait to see the wedding day photos!!!
We would absolutely recommend you to anyone who looking for a photographer.

Thank you for being part of our special day.
Keep in touch & take care 

Ken & Felicia

Professional with a smile | I think its crucial for bride and grooms to choose their photographer for their wedding day.
Alan did not only manage to get great pictures, but he also went all out for his services.

We met a month or two before the wedding date, and the schedule during the wedding day itself was still not yet complete.
Alan gave all his infos and thoughts into the schedule and kindly advised us on the specific events for the schedule.

He even came during our rehearsal the night before and was on time during the wedding day.
He was all smiles and in proper wear, knows what to say and directs with clear instructions.
He also will try to calm you down, tell jokes, to ease your emotions down.

Goes the same with Calvin, who manage to get all smiles from my aunties with his sweet talking mouth.

Not only they know where to take and what to take, they were quick on their feet when schedule was not as planned.
I would say they are extremely good and professional in this. We could tell how exhausted they were at the end of the wedding.

After the wedding, Alan was friendly and gave us the pictures as promised in the time frame allocated. The packaging is beautiful.

Not only that, each and every person who saw the pictures were in awe!
Countless friends were so happy of the outcome because they looked super chio in the pictures.

You can tell when a person loves doing what they work on.
Engaging them never made us regret anything and we are extremely happy with the outcome, and gaining a new friend.

Bryant & Samantha

It was our honour to have Alan to be our photographer on our wedding day! Alan produced quality pictures and we truly enjoy seeing each picture that he shot. Amazing decision to pick Alan Leong Photography as our wedding photographer. Highly recommended!

Eric & Pinky

No doubt to engaged with Alan, to date him in our first met is on our ROM and perfectly captured our precious moments~ without thinking to long especially we engaged him for our Pre-Wedding photoshoots on March too,
he keeps us awake all the time even we are so tired , we have a lots a lots of fun with jokes~ he very helpful,
efficient and Alan become our advisor for whole session~
results out with his efforts all the ways, make me and my hubby so happy and touching when we seen our shots~our mind came out
”how did we go thru all this moments ya” one more thing me and my hubby salute with
Alan’s patient and stay calm to us,so great to have him! NO REGRETS!! Million of thank you and big hugs to you,
with all the efforts u put on us with awesomeness of u and fascinating on our moments with safe and sound~~~
Love, XOXO �

Gundeep & Supreet

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend to become my Fiancé & Alan was my guy.
Started talking from here in Australia to arrange for a shoot in KL. It was like talking to a friend.
He helped with the venue and getting the permission to shoot @ the KLCC. A gem of a guy to work with.

Now the photo and the shoot itself; mind boggling. We shot for 4 hours or so, he made us feel so comfortable and
got the best out of us (Me & Supreet). No one notices how they are until they see their photo with the potential other.
I never knew that Supreet made feel the way I look on the photos; out of the universe.
The happiness on our faces just magnified with Alan’s vision of us.
He put a video together of the photos he took with such a precision that it made sense with the song that went with it.

I can’t wait to flaunt the photos at the wedding and surprise everyone!

I wanted him to shoot our wedding in India but he’s booked out, damn!

It would almost be worth getting married again in line with his availability Wish you luck with your future.

Thanks for kickstarting our future with canvassing a blistering imprint of us.

Andy & Weivien

Alan shot great photos for both my pre-wedding and wedding days! Highly recommended for just anyone who’s looking for a
photographer to capture the wonderful moments of their upcoming significant life event..:)

Ps: Contact him soon coz I think his schedule is pretty packed! 😁

Alan & Raine

The photos were amazing. Raine and I would like to once again thank you for capturing our special day.

Michael & Shannon

“Hey Shannon, your wedding pictures are so nice! I can actually FEEL the moments on your big day just by looking at those lovely pictures..”

“Hi babe, lovely wedding photos! Can I have the contact of your photographer pls?”

“Shannon!! ur wedding is so perfect and pretty among the all that I ever seen…Especially the photographer, manage to picture all the joys and happiness… Really a good job!”

etc, etc, etc……

Have been receiving countless compliments on the lovely wedding pictures captured by Alan and also inquiries from my relatives and friends about Alan’s photography package services since the day I shared the pictures on social media.

Had been doing lots of researching online on wedding photographers just to find The Right One for months! I first came across Alan’s works through a friend’s friend after months of researching online. Mesmerized by the very real and natural expression of the wedding couple and the wedding guests in the R.O.M ceremony (captured by Alan), which I can sort of like feel and relate myself to the “touching moments” by just looking at those pictures. The raw emotions, warmness and the happiness portrayed by the couple and all the guests, all seem to blend nicely in all the pictures Alan captured. This is the STYLE I have been long searching for for my dream wedding.

I immediately contacted Alan to inquire and confirm booking with him in no time. I still remember vividly I didn’t even look at his other photography works. LOLL. All that it takes are those beautiful pictures he captured for that particular R.O.M wedding which took my breath (and my money HAHA) away.

There goes my story on how I found him! teehee.

In terms of Alan’s services, it is undeniably top-notch thanks to his good personality and professionalism (patience, initiative, easy-going, attention to details etc).

Initiative/Attentive – Prior to the wedding, Alan has also offered to take a look at my wedding itinerary/schedule and gave useful recommendations just to make sure that everything is well planned in hoping for a smooth wedding. Also, he is always so attentive to my requests throughout the entire event (before the wedding up to the very last stage when he deliver the pictures).

Patience/Easy Going – He is able to deal with and control big crowd/group while taking pictures/ gave some reminders/directions to my family, groomsmen and bridesmaids during the wedding; Can tell that he seems very tired by end of the day (around 11pm+), but yet he never fail to put up his smile throughout the entire day.

I truly love all the wonderful photos and touching moments he captured for my wedding. Until today, I have been and still promoting his photography services to my friends (to those getting married) (Alan where is my commission? hahaha just joking). Some even came to me and tell me how disappointed they are when they weren’t able to book him for their wedding due to his busy (and full) schedule.

All I can say is finding the RIGHT photographer for that once-in-a-life-time biggest event in your life is so so so important! Your wedding photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the day, and if they don’t turn out as you want, then your memories will be ruined. I am glad I found the RIGHT one. 🙂

KC & Isabelle

Alan is always responding fast and gave me professional advise when I was worried on our actual day schedule.

I remember when I could not find a bride house for actual day due to last min host cancelled. He tried to help me search some recommended rent house for me. He also gave me opinions whether the house are good for photography even he knows I have difficulty on choosing it. It was so useful and I feel relieved.

Besides that, He is always so patient, calm and make sure everyone looks good in the pictures. I had a good memory on my actual day and he recorded every moments I had on that day. It is touched.

I never the results are so good. Thanks again for all your help. You really did a good job. Highly recommended for everyone.

Wen Jun and Shan

We are so thankful that our paths crossed with Alan’s. We engaged him as our actual day wedding photographer for our wedding on 1/1/17.

Alan embodies all the qualities that a good photographer should have. He is patient, attentive, calm, focused and exceptionally good natured. Most importantly, he has the skill and gift of capturing precious moments amidst the chaos of the wedding.

In the morning when I was feeling nervous, he lightened the mood by cracking jokes and playing fun, happy music. Just what I needed to relax!

Thank you so much Alan for your outstanding service…We only wish you and your company the best!

Floreence & John

It’s amazing how Alan managed to capture beautiful shots –
1) despite me sweating buckets on the day of our photo session.
2) my baby wasn’t in sleeping mode.
3) son only cooperated after some coaxing from Alan.

Thank you for your patience and eyes + heart (if u understand what I mean) for capturing beautiful moments.

Jeremy + Joey

Never regret to choose Alan as our wedding photographer. So surprise for every single photo. Nice and natural~ well done

Jeff & Karen

I will never forget the amazing trip that we went together to New Zealand! Many people say it’s no point paying so much money for pre-wedding because at the end of the day it’s gonna be kept in the shelf for ages.

Well.. It depends on which photographer you hired I am always so proud to present my wedding photos to my friends and family whenever they visit me. Most of them remember how special and beautiful is our wedding photos.

They will ask me for the contact of this talented photographer. I never get bored looking back at those pictures! The moments captured are priceless!!

I will invite him to New Zealand again for family photo shoot next time!! High five Alan!!

Tiong Yong & Lai Fun

For our pre-wedding pictures, we went with the norm and engaged a bridal shop because it was the obvious choice. The entire package included makeup, gowns and photos, so we thought that it was a more sensible decision. However, at the end, we weren’t very pleased with the photos. Maybe it’s the style that the photos were taken, and it didn’t really incorporate the ideas that both of us had in mind. We were both pretty disappointed with the outcome.

We thought that it was already over and done with until we managed to browse on Alan’s work on the internet. We got to know Alan when he worked in our company as a graphic designer. We happen to know that Alan is also a free lance photographer and when we looked through his work, we were impressed. We fell in love immediately with his pre-wedding photos taken in New Zealand.

We decided that we had to engage Alan to help us take retake our pre-wedding photos. That was the start of a very pleasant experience. Alan was very detail and professional, he was very receptive of the concept we wanted. We had many discussions together and Alan gave us his advice on location, preparation, makeup, dressing and everything in between to ensure that the photos will turn out great.

True enough, the actual shooting day came, and everything went smoothly. With all the detail planning and preparation, and add in Alan’s on the spot ingenuity, we managed to get all the shots that we wanted.

Thanks again Alan, we love the album very much!

Tiong Yong & Lai Fun

For our pre-wedding pictures, we went with the norm and engaged a bridal shop because it was the obvious choice. The entire package included makeup, gowns and photos, so we thought that it was a more sensible decision. However, at the end, we weren’t very pleased with the photos. Maybe it’s the style that the photos were taken, and it didn’t really incorporate the ideas that both of us had in mind. We were both pretty disappointed with the outcome.

Ivan & Isobel

Alan was not only professional, he also put us at ease with his jokes. We loved the photos we received of our ROM. Keep up the awesome job!

Melody & Walter

Hi Alan thanks for the AWESOME photos once again. Many of my friends love the smiles that you captured of them and I am so proud everytime they compliment the photos. Great Job! Hope to see you again very soon for my chinese banquet, Jia You!

Tee Lin Yik & Denise Lee 

Thank you for the amazing work, the pictures are beautiful 🙂

KC & Daphne

We love the pics so muchie ~~ The photo album is great!! 

I’m looking at the photo album at least three times a day. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH !!!!

thanks for the hard work again !!!! 

Perry & Jade

Great job on the shots *thumbs up The rom shots all lovely

Kent Sunn & Siew Wai

Hi Alan! 😀 We got superb good review from our friends and family on the album!! ^^

Ganish & Shalini

Dear Alan Leong, a BIG thank you to our photographer Alan Leong of Al Photography Production Team. Ganish Prasath and I would like to thank you so much for the most incredible shots imaginable on our engagement and pre wedding!

You have totally blown us away with your work. You have captured those moments so perfectly that I know we’ll be able to look back in the years to come and it will feel like we’re there all over again! You guys manage to deliver a great service!

Thanks for for capturing our engagement, pre-wedding, love story film and our wedding shots. It was such great experience working with you!

Vincent & Ann Ann

Our actual day photographer Alan Leong, before our wedding we had met several times.

We sharing lot of thing, he making himself know more about us before shoot us on our actual day, hardly to find such a good photographer; we fully trust him on his skills, his responsible personality has make us feel comfortable to just steadily capture our every important moments. Countless thanks to him & his assistant.

Ching Loong & Li Cin

Thank you for capturing the moment for us. We really like the photos and will definitely recommend you to our friends. Thanks again!

Michael & Celia

Both Michael and I as well as our family really appreciate all your hard work. The moments that you have captured are priceless and we can’t thank you enough. It is the best SDE I’ve seen… I might be biased though. Thank you so much for all your hard work with capturing our moments. Both our parents are really pleased with the photos too.

Victor & Tammy

Thank you so much for yesterday.. we love the shoot so so much. Thanks for everything ya 😀

Eng Hua & Yeng Yan

Thanks for your effort of yesterday. Really Nice work done!

Andrew & Ji Hui

Hi Alan! Thank you for the photo shoot~ we enjoyed having you as our photographer on our wedding day~~ The Photos are beautiful!!! Captures the happy faces of everyone 😀 😀 😀 Looking at them i felt like i’m reliving that special moment again 🙂 ! Thank you for the good job! Can’t wait to see all the photos!!

Edward & Elise

we just love yr shoot! Thanks for the great job last night. Can’t wait for all yr photos.

William + Veronica

Hey Alan, i saw the photo you tagged me already. I really like it. Engaging you as photographer is one of the best decisions i’ve made. Thank you so much.

Ping + Alice

Thank you Alan Leong for all the brilliant photos taken on Kai’s 1st birthday! We love it very much! Too many nice photos to choose from, will have a hard time making it into a photo book. 

Thank you for everything that you have done!!!!

Ganish & Shalini

The most incredible shots imaginable on our engagement, pre wedding and wedding! You have totally blown us away with your work. You have captured those moments so perfectly that I know we’ll be able to look back in the years to come and it will feel like we’re there all over again! All thanks to you! Will definitely recommend to all my friends! Look forward to many more shoots with you and your team

Joe & Cher

I was recently looking back at our ROM photos and reliving all the precious moments captured from our special day, it is a day we hold so dearly in our hearts.

It has been 2 years but we still smile every time we look all the quirky, funny and touching moments that you have captured and preserved for us, that we are able to reminisce for the rest of our lives!

So we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your fantastic work and the professionalism you have shown throughout the process. It was one of the best decisions we have made to hire you as our photographer!

Also, thank you for the great work done for my recent portraiture shoot and I am definitely looking forward to more family shoots in the future!

You are truly a talent in what you do and we wish you great success!

Wilson & Lisa

Alan is professional, flexible and easy-going – important traits for a wedding day photographer! I barely noticed him snapping away during the dinner and was pleasantly surprised when I received the end product! Being slightly distracted and worried that night, it was great to be able to relive the moments through the shots Alan captured.

I even enjoyed the “unglam” shots of my numerous expressions XD haha! (I honestly mean that.. cos it meant that he captured the raw and important moments).

Thanks again Alan ^-^

Felix & June

Thankss~ and thank you so much for being our pre wedding photographer! Haha, there are too many nice picture and it was so hard to choose. Unfortunately cannot have you to be our actual day wedding photographer!

William & Veronica

It’s crucial appointing the right photographer for important event in our life. Am glad I’ve chosen AL Photography. Alan has been nothing but the nicest and most helpful on my big day. He makes sure to shoot every important details and never misses out anyone during the photoshoot.

Looking back at the photos, I’m very happy with his works. Thank you so much Alan for the fantastic job.

When I was unable to meet up to collect the end products, Alan even personally came to my office to make sure the photos soft copy reach to me safely. I saw the photo he tagged me already. I really like it. Engaging him as photographer is one of the best decisions i’ve made. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the after service and great effort.